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Chesapeake Bay

Key West


San Diego

Santa Fe


Baltimore ...the Mid-Atlantic city by the sea, has come alive in recent years with a revitalized waterfront which offers fine and casual dining, great shopping, museums and  historical sites.

Big Sur ...California's magical place....breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean with the waves crashing on the coastline below.

Boston ...Considered by many to be equal in stature to Philadelphia as the cradle of American Independence, Boston has a rich historical heritage.

Brandywine Valley ...beautiful rolling hills and Pennsylvania countryside, historical landmarks where our nation's most important events occurred, fine dining, world renowned gardens, wineries and museums.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland ...a wealth of travel, dining, historical sites, shopping and relaxation options within a short drive from Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Chicago ...a city, which is exciting, vibrant and alive with great museums, restaurants, pubs, the Chicago Cubs.

Denver ...whether an outdoor enthusiast or a wild west fan, Denver has something to offer.

Gettysburg ...a must see site for not only Civil War buffs, but any person interested in the history of the United States and how we came to be a nation dedicated to timeless principles of liberty and justice.

Key West, Florida ...the southern most point in Florida, offers tropical weather, a leisurely pace and insight into what many consider the best writer of our time Ernest Hemingway.

Martha's Vineyard island escape during the late East Coast Summer heat…Martha’s Vineyard is a true gem which has beautiful scenic views, tranquil beaches, great sailing, fresh seafood and a touch of history.

National Parks - Eastern USA ...visit America's true natural treasures via the National Park system. Less known than the western USA Parks, these are still amazing in their own right.

National Parks - Western USA renowned, the National Parks in western USA are inspiring and a must see in everyone's lifetime.

New Orleans ...America's favorite Southern city to party, enjoy good food and drinks and generally have a good time, New Orleans offers all of these things in a lively atmosphere of carefree fun.

New York City ...The City of Dreams where almost anything you want to see, enjoy and experience can be seen, heard, felt and tasted in New York.

Palm Springs, California ...a fun relaxing place to visit for those who like to be outdoors. With warm dry weather, numerous activities and great restaurants, Palm Springs is a perfect destination for a winter escape.

Philadelphia ...The City of Brotherly Love is much more than that- the cradle of American Independence, the home many great museums, historical sites and cultural attractions.

San Diego ...there's a place, not far away, where the weather is nearly perfect, the scenery beautiful, the food varied and wonderful and the outdoor activities almost limitless? Yes- it's name is San Diego.

San Francisco ...The "city by the bay"....the place where the wide open expanse of the West ends at a shimmering jewel of ocean which opens the next door to the Asia Pacific.

Santa Fe ...The adobe and log buildings along with the quaint downtown Plaza make Santa Fe look like a relic of the Old West.

Seattle ...For those who love the outdoors, fresh seafood and the lush greenery nearby, Seattle offers a wide variety of things to enjoy.

Sedona ...offers ruggedly beautiful red rock mountains, Indian ruins and wonderful restaurants in a gorgeous setting near some of North Americas most amazing natural wonders.

Washington DC
...This city has some of the best museums, historical sites, restaurants and places of interest compared to almost any city in the United States.

Williamsburg ...Visit a fully restored colonial town and experience what times were like leading up to the Revolutionary War.