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Did you know:  Beulah red" is the name of the red marble that gives the Colorado State Capitol its distinctive splendor. All of the "Beulah red" marble in the world went into the Capitol. It cannot be replaced, at any price.

Did you know: Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak. 

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Denver and the surrounding region offers visitors a variety of ways to enjoy themselves, whether its a chance to revisit the Old West, hike and ski in the beautiful Rocky Mountains or explore archeological wonders.

Denver History

Rocky MountainsLong known as the Grand Lady of the Plains just east of the foothills to the Rocky Mountains, Denver has a enticing past mixed with Indians, fur traders, Old West gunfights, miners, saloons, "bawdy houses", gambling and numerous colorful characters. Before Buffalo Bill Cody (famous for his wild western show) was buried on Lookout Mountain, several tribes of Native Americans made the present state of Colorado their home, hunting buffalo, which roamed in herds numbering over 100,000 until they were hunted to near extinction.

Denver still has the look and feel of an Old West town. You can see the majestic Rocky Mountains from downtown and several establishments from that period are thriving including the beautiful Brown Palace Hotel which dates back to the 1880's. Mining of gold and silver made Denver a boom town during the 1870's - 1890's when thousands of 'wannabe millionaires' settled in the foothills to the west. The city was an important link on the major railroads crossing the plains toward San Francisco, however, it faced near extinction when the railroad decided to move further north bypassing Denver when the gold rush ended. A quick thinking local government built a railroad spur connecting back to the main line and ensured its survival.

Denver - Sixteenth StreetIn recent years, downtown Denver has undergone a major renovation with 16th street now an extensive walk-along open air mall with free shuttle service from each end. The beautifully restored state Capital building with its gilded dome and Art Deco murals inside gives visitors a sense of the many historical achievements of government, industry and agriculture. Lower Downtown (or LoDo), once filled with aging warehouses and dilapidated buildings, is now the most vibrant section of the city. Residents of Denver can see and touch remnants of their colorful past while preparing for a bright future. More Denver History...

Denver Area Attractions

Visiting the Colorado History Museums is a must see for history buffs studying the city and the southwest. A beautifully sculpted bronze buffalo stands proudly out front. The newly built Denver Art Museum, adjacent to the pre-existing Art Museum, offers art lovers numerous exhibits. The Denver Public Library is an architectural success where the map room allows viewers to see the region as it was explored and charted going back hundreds of years.

Denver - Red Rocks AmphetheatreRed Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison (west of the foothills) was begun as a Depression era public works project and offers not only superior acoustics, but breathtaking views of the 'hogbacks' leading to the mountains and Denver skyline to the east. The nearby town of Morrison is best represented by the Morrison Inn, a great place to enjoy good Mexican food and margaritas, both inside and outside on the terrace offering a good view of the adjacent foothills. The town is also near dinosaur tracks which are prominently displayed through a roadcut.

Hikers, backpackers, campers, skiers and outdoors enthusiasts will love the numerous parks nearby including Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Mesa Verde National Monument, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and many other sites designed to highlight the majestic beauty of the Rockies and Southwest region. In early Fall, a drive into the foothills to see the Aspen changing is well worth the trip, while visiting the town of Aspen to ski in Winter and have a drink at the Hotel Jerome Bar is definitely recommended. Trips to the nearby mining towns of Central City, Durango, Silverton and Blackhawk are also enjoyable. More Denver Attractions...

Just being in the Rockies on a clear day with a blue sky and the sun shining on your face will provide memories to last a lifetime.