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Gateway Arch

Where is the Gateway Arch?

The Arch is located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri with parking at 200 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO 63102..

Gateway Arch Map

Did you know: The Arch is 630 feet high and across at the base.

Did you know: Measurements for the arch required precision within 1/64th of an inch so the legs would meet at the top.

Designed by Eero Saarinen and built in 1961-66, the 630 foot Gateway Arch (St. Louis,Mo) commemorates the westward expansion of the US. between 1803 and 1890, enabled by the Louisiana Purchase under President Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park (established in December 1935) includes the Arch, as well as the nearby Museum of Westward Expansion and the Old Courthouse where the famous Dred Scott slavery case was tried. The Arch is a symbol of America's continuing pursuit of innovation and growth via the drive to develop the vast resources of the western frontier (and highlighted by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which started here).

Today, you can ride a tram to the top of the Arch for panoramic views of St. Louis, along with biking, helicopter rides, historic displays and shopping. More about the Gateway Arch...