Carmel Mission - Califonia Historic Site

Carmel Mission

Where is Carmel Mission?

3080 Rio Road in Carmel, California.

Carmel, California Map

Did you know: Carmel Mission was established as part of Spanish colonization by Catholic missionaries in the 1700s.

Did you know: Carmel Mission is an active church today.

As the Spanish settled portions of the Western United States, Catholic missionaries spread the word of God to the native peoples in the area. Father Junipero Serra established a series of missions in California, arriving in nearby Monterey in 1770, placing a statue of Our Lady of Bethlehem on a temporary alter as a sign of the Spanish colonization of this new land. The stone church was not completed until 1797 (after Serra's death) and has remained a focus of attention and devotion for more that two centuries.

Today, the mission is still an active church where you can attend Mass and roam the beautiful grounds filled with gardens and climbing bougainvillea. The mission is very picturesque, containing artifacts and historical pictures in exhibit rooms inside the church. More about visiting Carmel Mission...